Solo & Rhythm Guitar / Bass Guitar / Vocals / Klavier / Drums / Percussions





Born in Bijeljina 1980 but through a faith,

Got raised, went to School and studied in Graz.



Since early days shows big interest in Music and in

teenager age starts to play in different bands in

Austria as a Solo and rhythm guitar.

Played in:

- “Strangers”

- “Dino – Live”

- “Dino & Band”

- “Ton4U”

- “Iggy & Dino”





Dino: “own signature” guitar player with very smooth fingertips and cool fil ins.

His recognisable Marshall  Sound is clear and strong, dominate in Solo part and

blend in in all other parts creating the second guitar sound beside acoustic one and in that way creating  harmony to very full and rich guitar sounds that every band needs.


Eldin Alajbegovic - DINO